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Acer Laptops: Designed with Durability in Mind


The Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation is best known for its desktop and laptop PCs, although it also produces tablet computers, servers smartphones amongst other things. As the fourth largest personal computer in the world, the company has a significant reputation to live up to. What is the brand's reputation when it comes to its production of PCs? Sturdy and robust specs with a decent life and affordable pricing. Will the design and casing isn’t the most attractive, it’s almost the opposite of Macbooks in that sense, the interior design architecture and software more than make up for it. Known for their reliability, longevity and recently, innovation in terms of ergonomic design features (more on this later) Acer laptops are a brand to keep an eye on as affordable technology becomes better than ever.

Stan Shih founded Multitech in 1876 and the 11 person company expanded rapidly to become Acer in 1987, by which point it was already a leader in its field. It’s commitment to focussing their product teams on their most successful netbooks gained them a devout fanbase and a reputation for excellence and reliability. Their laptops range from producing Chromebooks, laptops that are designed primarily for running when online, to the Acer Aspire series, computers aimed for normal household use and small businesses. They continue to develop, producing excellent quality, lightweight laptops that have stood the test of time. And now you can interact with them tactily and remove the screen for ultimate portability.


Ultra Portable, Super Fast: the Chromebook


The Acer Chromebook is designed to be taken with you to cafes, around the office and around the home. It is thin, light and can last all day on only one charge of battery, meaning that you can lead a wireless working day. Their thinness also means that carrying your laptop on the off chance that you will need it, needn’t be a problem for the back, unlike the Macbook Pro series for instance. The netbooks feature full HD display and attractive white, minimalist casing, making this one good looking device. Best of all, because this is a laptop series that is almost entirely dependent on the internet to function, it has been equipped with the latest in wireless technology, meaning that users will enjoy faster than ever (three times faster than previous generations internet connection speeds. Thanks to the lack of unnecessary offline additions, with everything being stored online on Google’s own Cloud servers, the device only take 8 seconds to reboot. This makes restarting your computer a much less arduous task, once again, unlike the Macbook Pro’s.


Aspire for more in your Notebooks: 2 in 1


The Aspire series is, as previously mentioned, great for home businesses and casual use at home. This versatility has made it one of Acer’s most popular lines of netbooks. Most recently, the brand have combined tablets with laptops. The two in one device can be detached from its keyboard to be a carry around touchscreen device. Of course, this also means that you have a touchscreen laptop. The laptop itself runs Windows 10, so it isn’t tablet level technology. For instance, to give you a general idea of the stats of the device, the 2014 Switch 11 boasts a large 11.6 inch screen with a powerful Intel Atom Z3735 processor, 4GB of RAM and 1920x1080 HD resolution. These hybrid tablet - laptops are utterly innovative in design and have blurred the distinction between the two technologies. By combining teh two, Acer hope to create a more seamless transition between the way you think about and use your tech and also eliminate the need to buy two devices, which will certainly appeal to the more pragmatic and budget conscious among us.


TravelMate: A line with the Red Dot seal of Approval


The brand also produces the fast and efficient TravelMate series. Designed for serial commuters and as a fierce business tool, these Notebooks are high performing, high security machines. They are powerful, compact and made of an attractive, light and strong 1.2 A carbon fiber chassis. This series is comparable to Lenovo’s excellent value for money, high powered computers. This is a serious series, designed to impress colleagues with its business elegance and designed to be the ultimate go-to choice for consumer and office work based computers. As it’s name implies, it lends itself to being a commuters laptop thanks to its lightweight chassis and its hardwearing materials. In fact, this series won the prestigious Red Dot award for excellence. The computer impressed a large panel of experts, including the eminent Jimmy Choo, with its long battery life, durability features and expandability.


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