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Not needing much of an introduction, here is where you will find information for all the Apple products available on our site, from iPhones to iPads and headphones to hard drives. The American multinational corporation is well known for its range of Mac computers and music players and is the world’s second largest IT company in terms of revenue. It continues to be one of the most popular brands with the most loyal tech fans.


Apple: Transforming the Way We Look at Tech


Years after the demise of its charismatic founder, evangelist, and CEO Steve Jobs, the company is still growing and is stronger than it ever was. So strong that it now holds the distinction of being the most valuable brand in the world according to Forbes. It has set the bar incredibly high over the past decade and remained a vital part of people's everyday lives. It continues to capture our imaginations and along with it, our wallets, with a range of products covering several industries.


The Cupertino company designs, manufactures, and markets mobile phones, media players, laptops, portable digital players, a variety of software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content applications. It is known for its line of exquisitely designed consumer electronic products which includes the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook, and Apple TV. Their iTunes and Store, meanwhile, sells and delivers digital content and application.


iPhone and iPad: Forward Thinking and Fashion Forward


2007 saw a change that has revolutionized the mobile world as it welcomed the first ever mobile device that is a convergence of an internet-enabled phone and a mobile media player. It runs the iOS mobile operating system with a user interface that is built around its multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. There are currently seven generations of models, each with one of the six major iOS releases. The company's line of smartphones enjoys a very strong, almost fanatical following that every new release warrants long queues in front of its stores with some even opting to camp outside their stores just so they can be among the first ones to get the latest model. Its upcoming seventh generation is creating a lot more buzz than all its predecessors as analysts are expecting the iPhone 7 to have radical change in design, size, and capabilities. This puts competitors like Samsung on their toes trying to one-up the design leader on the market.


True to its reputation of being a leader and innovator, the firm launched the first commercially successful tablet three years after the release of their first handset. The portable media device runs a modified version of the iOS and it offers multi-touch interaction with multimedia formats including newspapers, magazines, ebooks, textbooks, photos, movies, videos of TV shows, music, word processing documents, spreadsheets, video games, and most apps present in its line of handys. There have been five generations of the tablet to date with the sixth generation expected to be released late 2014 or early 2015. Competitors like Lenovo tablets are taking design and software ques from every new iteration of the iPad.


The iMac and MacBook: Function and Aesthetics Fused


Design has been a large contributor to the strength of the brand. To the company, design is how a product works, how it looks, and how it feels. It has embraced design in the fullest sense possible in terms of making products simple, attractive, technologically advanced, and powerful. Their line of personal computers best exhibits this design philosophy. Initially known as Macintosh, the computer line has seen significant evolution and is now among the most powerful general purpose computers on the market. From being the first "boxed" desktop to becoming the world's slimmest unibody desktop and from the bulky PowerBook to the the colorful ClamShells to the very durable and slim aluminum ones with retina display. The Mac line has evolved and is continuously evolving with our needs and wants.


The iPod and Apple TV: Total Entertainment


Another one of this magical firm's revolutionary creations if their portable digital media player. It is the first of ts kind and has remained the market leader ever since. Its name is synonymous to portable music and video players. Not content with being just a portable digital media player, it has since expanded its features, incorporating the ability to play games, explore the Internet and the ability to synchronize and monitor physical activities such as running, thanks to its collaboration with Nike and the incorporation of Nike+.


Previously known as the iTV, the device links the sale of content from iTunes with HD TV. It links up to a user's TV and syncs, via Wi-Fi or wired network, to either your computer or other smart device allowing you to stream content and watch them on HD TV. It has several features which includes access to the iTunes Store to rent movies and TV shows, streaming from internet video sources, including YouTube and Netflix, and media streaming from an iTunes library.


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