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Blaupunkt – Delivering impressive audio solutions for decades


Blaupunkt GmbH is a manufacturer of electronics products, especially home and car audio solutions. The company was founded in the year 1923 and is headquartered in Hildesheim, Germany. Blaupunkt is the German for “blue dot” which was conceived after the blue dot which used to be painted on headphones which passed quality control checks. The company has earned a name for itself throughout the world for its impressive audio solutions.


Blaupunkt audio


Blaupunkt offers audio products for car and home use. Products include audio solutions, navigation systems, tablets, headphones, car hands-free kits, televisions, satellite radios, air conditioning systems and sun protection films. Car audio equipments from Blaupunkt include radio navigation equipments, Bluetooth tuners, USB tuners, MP3 tuners, SD tuners, and multimedia navigation systems. Blaupunkt products are precision engineered using high quality materials and are meant for the audiophiles throughout the world. Through the establishment of the Blaupunkt Malaysia plant, the company aims at expanding its services to the eastern part of the world as well.


The most notable product category from Blaupunkt is its range of car audio systems. Audio products generally bear the names of cities throughout the world. Higher end models generally carry the names of German places. Blaupunkt car audio systems are fitted in various top-end cars and aim at providing the listener with the best audio experience in cars. There are all sorts of car audio solutions from amplifiers, antennae to loudspeakers.


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