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Book Smarts Start Young 

Starting kids young on reading helps them develop the aptitude for knowledge. With a variety of books to read, parents and teachers should also be wary of proper reading materials for their kids and students. Themes, language, and images should be age appropriate for your child’s age.

Books help children enhance their speech and listening skills, as well as their associative and distinguishing functions. Other books develop their artistic inclinations, creativity, and imagination while improving their cognitive skills and comprehension. Some develop their confidence through mimicry exercises.

Picture books feature illustrations for beginners. Concept and pattern books introduce kids to words, shapes, sizes, colors, and familiar objects like the parts of the human body, the different animal species in the zoo, or the kinds of vegetables in the garden. Rhymes, short stories, and poetry books help develop the children’s language skills. Informative books introduce facts covering subjects on science, health, mathematics, history, music, and sports.

Easy-to-read books like collections from Dr. Seuss, Chronicles of Narnia, Disney fairy tales, Winnie the Pooh and Friends, or the Adventures of Tom Sawyer will advance the vocabulary and comprehension skills of children. Ebooks have made their way with kids as well, while some read books online. The internet offers a range of websites for online books. Amazon books feature an excellent selection of stories for kids.


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