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Despite being established since 1964, Bose has really come into its own in recent years with its dependable and stylish range of audio devices. With a commitment to research, the American company has developed audio solutions for home and personal use, relying on creating quality products that deliver a better music experience. This PricePanda Bose page shows you a range of its audio options to suit your needs.



Bose; Better Sound Through Research


When Amar G. Bose graduated from his PhD of Sound Engineering from MIT he decided to treat himself to a new expensive sound system. When he got it all connected he was extremely disappointed in the sound that was delivered through these supposedly ‘high end’ speakers. From this he began further research in his spare time and thus Bose was born. This practice of researching has shaped the company into what we know and love today. It is so much apart of the company’s philosophy and values that their slogan became ‘Better Sound Through Research’ reminding both employees and consumers of the importance of continuously striving for better and more innovative products.

Since it’s founding in 1964, Bose has created various products which have revolutionised the way we hear (or don’t hear) sound. In fact, after Dr. Amar G. Bose flew with Swiss Air and was annoyed by the sound of the plane engine drain the quality of his headphones. Before the plane touched down he had written the formula for noise cancelling headphones. Through out the years they have created a wide range of products including home audio systems, automotive audio Bluetooth Wifi music systems and are often the key suppliers for professionals.


The Ultimate Bose Lifestyle


Often when you are at a concert or at a club you will look around and notice that the booming sound you are hearing is from a Bose speaker. They have places themselves in the industry through supplying events like the World Cup and the Olympics and the flow on effect has seen consumers demand Bose in their homes. Their Lifestyle range has been widely adopted by home all around the world. This ultimate surround sound package turns your living into an at home cinema with noise so real you would think you were in the middle of the action. The system functions around a central hub which controls each speaker. There are Bluetooth and wireless functions also, allowing you to connect up to 6 different devices so you can also play your favourite music at perfect clarity.


In 2004, Apple went and revolutionised the music industry with a product that could fit 1000 songs in one sleek, modern device, the iPod. Influenced by the innovative nature of the iPod Bose strived to design a audio device to compliment and pair with the iPod and from this the Sounddock was created. The Sounddock now allowed people to take their favourite hits and share them with everyone. Its design has remained relatively unchanged over the years and has influence a further range of speakers which are purposely designed to connect with smartphones and tablets. The most popular range are the wireless Bluetooth speakers which make connecting and sharing your music even easier. They have released these in varying sizes and colours understanding that speakers today require more portability than ever before.


Headphones for Personal Music & Perfect Quality Sound


If like some you have questionable music tastes and prefer to keep your music to yourself then Bose headphones are perfect for you. Among the range their noise cancelling headphones are by far the industry leaders. After their initial concept development, they made two prototypes which were given to Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager on their record breaking flight around the world. These headphones were quickly adopted by pilots worldwide as the word spread of their noise cancelling technologies and extreme comfort compared to other products on the market. Through the years, they have won several awards from top aviation institutions. Soon they were released to consumers becoming a must have for many frequent fliers.


Among their other headphones they have also released a range of Wireless headphones, sports earbuds and over the ear audio and mobile headphones. Their wireless range which feature Bluetooth connection have been received extremely well with critics and consumers alike thanks to their amazing sound quality, comfort, lightweight and impressive battery life. Their sport headphones are specifically designed for those with a highly active lifestyle. They feature an in ear design with a small rubber connection which ensures the earpieces won’t budge and fit comfortably. They are also sweat and weatherproof meaning they will continue to perform perfectly in all conditions. Their over and on ear devices come with the sound quality that Bose has been made famous for. You will hear your favourite songs and movies with the lowest of lows and the clearest vocals.


Shop Bose Online for the Best Price


There is a reason why Bose have created such a dedicated following over the years, they continuously produce products which up the standard for other companies. People will enter a store and demand the brand even if it comes at a slightly higher cost but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Although they may not be the cheapest audio devices on the market Price Panda can make sure that you get them for the best price in Malaysia with our price comparison features. We deal with the best and most trusted stores so you can shop Bose online and buy securely knowing that you got the lowest price. So start shopping now and begin to listen to music the way it should sound.