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Canon is a Japanese company based in Tokyo, but it truly has an international reach and is renowned for creating innovative and practical items relating to all aspects of optics and image making. From cameras to printers and scanners, Canon is at the forefront of new developments in the world of tech. As you can see from this collection of Canon's best printers, this brand is characterised by a classic and compact aesthetic and a functional and contemporary feel. As such they are a worthy competitor to similar devices, from Epson printers to Brother printers.

Versatility and reliability are at the heart of these Canon Printers

There are many different printers by Canon on the market at the moment, and these is a Canon Printer to suit everyone here. Whether you are just looking for an everyday family printer that you can use to print out recipes or school timetables, or whether you need a truly elite printer that will create high quality photographic prints for an upcoming exhibition, Canon will be able to meet your needs. Print in colour or black and white as you wish, and choose a combined printer and scanner for extra versatility. A standard feature of Canon printers is the ability to communicate with your computer via wifi or bluetooth. This feature is absolutely ideal as it means you do not need to have to fiddle around with wires and USB cables every time that you want to print something. In fact, you can even use a networked printer to print from your phone as you relax in the next room!

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