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Gear Up And Go With the Perfect Bag

Bags have become fashion staples through the years. One’s get up is not complete without a bag that functions as a clothing accessory to complement one’s personal style. Bags are emergency kit of sorts, a go-to where you keep almost everything when you’re on the go, most importantly on trips.


Bag Types

Men and women have distinct preferences when it comes to bags. Men, in general, gear towards practicality or function more than style or even brand. Women, on the other hand, are more picky when it comes to brands, styles, and other features which has led to the abundance of great choices in the market.

Backpacks are everyone’s favorite in the bag section from children to adults. Whether you are going to school, camping out, or taking a short trip, you will need a backpack to safeguard your things and other important stuff. Bum bags and hobos are also ideal on casual days for the laid-back look. Totes, fanny packs and snatchels are fairly new in the style department but are becoming a popular choice among teens and yuppies.

Briefcases are tailored for business and formal meets, and are mainly for men. On important occasions or on special evenings, women can sport their signature clutches and purses (usually made by big names like Coach or Prada) for the elegant vibe. For less formal set ups, messenger bags for men, and handbags or shoulder bags for women would be more comfy and convenient.

Most bags are made of fabric, leather or synthetics, and are engineered with the latest textile technology. Environment-friendly bags made out of native materials are also becoming a fad. 

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