Shoes: Best prices in Malaysia

Discover The Perfect Shoe for Your Sole

Sandals have been around for 8000 years when the ancient Greeks wore sandals to protect the soles of their feet, however it wasn’t until 3500 BC until the first shoe was worn. This shoe, found in Armenia and created out of necessity, was simply animal skin wrapped around the foot and tied with leather cord but would go on to start a revolution. Almost 5000 years later, a whole industry has developed from this simple idea, producing shoes for almost every soul on earth. There are currently approximately 29,360 footwear stores worldwide selling approximately 12.5 million pairs of shoes ! That’s a lot of feet! And of this, the mens athletic shoe market makes up the largest percentage with 29%, even out selling womens casual and dress shoes. Turns out men really do care about their soles.

In today's world, it’s common place for people to own more than one shoe for each occasion and the function of shoes to protect and support has been surpassed by the desire for style. For many people function is often compromised for the appearance and design, but luckily one class of shoe has remained a perfect combination of both fashion and comfort: the sneaker. These days it is likely that most people would have at least one pair, with some people basing their entire collection around this type of shoe. Their popularity is unsurprising as they offer comfort and support and with the popularity of sneakers ever increasing more companies are producing variations of this design.

A Sneaker for Every Lifestyle

Sneakers were first invented in 1892 by a rubber company who produced the first rubber soled shoe for sports and leisure. Their designer, the United States Rubber Company, gave these the name ‘sneakers’ due the the rubber sole allowing the wearer to sneak up on another person. Sneakers were perfect for those who played sports, thanks to the grip provided by the rubber sole. Many leading brands, like DC sneakers, were made popular by sports personas, such as skateboarders, basketballers and footballers. The industry boomed around the 70s and evolved into the shoe we all know and love. Now people can find sneakers in every shape, size and colour they desire in fact many companies are even offering customisation of their shoes so this is now more relevant than ever. These days sneakers are for everyone especially those not willing to sacrifice comfort for style and equally style for comfort.

Sneaking Up the Fashion Ladder

One of the reasons sneakers have become so popular in recent time is thanks to societies acceptance of them as more than just a sports shoe. Take a walk around outside and you will see that people are wearing them in every way imaginable. The mother walking her children to school, the children wearing them to school, the teenagers playing basketball or the guy running on his way to work. Their versatility also means they can be worn with any attire as well. Recent trends have seen the return of the 90s fashion of sneakers and jeans (or ‘sneans’) and even nightclubs are recognising sneakers as high end fashion thanks to multiple celebrity endorsements. Really, there’s no reason to ever take them off!

Make Your Decision Easy and Keep the Price Low

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