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Move in Style With the Right Pants

Pair your tops with the perfect trousers. Pants are style essentials as they are both functional and fashionable. Searching for a good pair to suit one’s lifestyle, different occasions, or activities is definitely challenging. Clothes in general tell something about the person. Sleek and slim pants show a sense of formality, while ripped and rugged pants spell a carefree attitude or lifestyle.

Finding the Right Cut

For formal events, business, or office set-ups, slacks are the most suitable. Earth tones, black, and gray are elegant choices as they would make you look slender and sleek. Boyfriend jeans, leggings, khakis, corduroys, and chinos can be paired off with different tops on casual days. Harem pants are practical and trendy. Gym or yoga pants, sweatpants, and jogging pants are great for sports and outdoor activities.

With a wider selection of pants in the market, women can be creative with their daily get up. Fabric materials range from casual cotton and polyesters; chic satins, silk or lace; classy suedes, twills or velvet; to functional denims, flannels, and fleece. Some are waterproof or sweat proof, and heatproof with cooling systems.

Ideally, formal and work pants are ankle-length, although some prefer a cut higher from the ankle. Some women also prefer pleated pants. Waistbands should not be too tight or too loose. Body types should also be considered whether one is curvy, straight, or plump. Cuffs and rips look stylish on some women. Whether it’s high or low-waisted, baggy, skinny or slim-fit, pants should by all means compliment one’s figure.

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