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A Revolutionary Device for Work and Play

Considered the next step in portable computing since the laptop, the tablet is touted as a compact solution for entertainment and productivity. It is the perfect device for casual and power users, giving you the ability to take your games, movies and office work anywhere. Tablets provide most of the functions a smartphone has, but its larger screen offers a different user experience. Watching videos and reading texts feels better in this device due to the bigger display, and the extra screen real estate allows developers to make tablet specific apps which are more powerful than their smartphone counterparts.

Today's tablets are more capable than ever, and are packed with a variety of configurations from brands like Apple, Asus, HP and Lenovo. The assortment of choices allows consumers to pick the one which fits their needs. If you're asking yourself "Which tablet should I buy?", make sure to know what you'll need it for to get the best product for your demands. Let us look at some scenarios where tablets perform at their best:

Your Workstation Goes with You Anywhere, Anytime

Some factors to consider when buying a tablet for office or school use are its screen size, multitasking capabilities, productivity apps and third party accessories. A device used for work should have a large screen to display more content and for easier navigation. Users will be happy to know that iOS and Android devices continue to add new tablet apps for productivity, allowing users to choose the software they work best with. Finally, a device for school or office use must be compatible with various peripherals. Will my stylus work with it? Can I use it for reports or meetings by connecting it to a projector or remote control unit?. These small things can help you choose which tablet is right for you. Microsoft’s very own line of tablets, the Surface, is a great example of a tablet that is excellent for productivity. Compared to other tablets, it boasts true multitasking capability by allowing multiple apps to be used side by side instead of alternating between open apps.

Experience the Best in Movies and Gaming

For users demanding the best in gaming and media, a device with good display resolution and colour reproduction is critical. The integral parts, like its processor and ram, must be of the highest caliber for resource intensive applications and HD video playback. We would also recommend looking for a model with ample disk space because media files are typically large and will consume storage space quickly. Setting the benchmark for good tablet design, Apple has made its series of tablets, the iPad, to be the ultimate multimedia device. Available in a variety of configurations. It combines ease of operation with the simplicity and stability of the iOS operating system with the premium build quality and finish the tablet is known for.

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Tablets have proved that it can prosper in a market that is saturated with desktops, laptops and smartphones. These products are the perfect blend of power and mobility, lighter than a laptop and more convenient to work with than a smartphone. A tablet review helps in getting the best bang for your buck, but finding that amazing deal is another thing. Avoid the hassle of doing store visits by shopping with PricePanda, where you can compare tablets and buy with ease.