Ink Cartridges: Best prices in Malaysia (2379 Items found)

Make a statement with high quality ink cartridges

Produce clear print outs for posters, advertisements, office communication, or school papers with quality ink cartridges. PricePanda offers a wide range of printer ink cartridges from HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Fuji and many more to give your print outs a bold and smooth finish.

Choosing the right ink cartridge

All buyers look for printer ink cartridges that produce clear print outs and are not prone to leaks that can damage the printer later on. Therefore, it is better to buy ink cartridges from trusted brands than from counterfeit sellers.

An ink cartridge is a lot cheaper than a toner cartridge, which is why it is more often used for daily printing. However, while they are cheaper, there are ink cartridges that produce almost the same finish as toner cartridges do. You just need to look for an ink cartridge brand that matches your printing needs.

Ink cartridges can either have dye inks or pigment inks. Dye inks are more vibrant and are therefore apt for colored print outs. Canon offers UV dye ink for their inkjets. Pigment inks on the other hand are known to last longer because its powdery substance does not dissolve easily in water. If you are printing on a smooth surface like stickers or transparencies, then better opt for pigment inks. Epson, HP and other popular brands have a wide variety of pigment inks that you can choose from.

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