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Power Your Gadgets with The Right Batteries

The battery is an essential component for electronic devices. It specifies how much and how long an electronic device be charged. Digital cameras, flashlights, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets all use different kinds of batteries. When manufacturers are designing these battery-powered electronics, they consider two important qualities: portability and energy capacity. For this reason, battery life is always a significant point of comparison when choosing and buying gadgets. There are batteries which are designed for a longer life span, and there are batteries that can be used several times by recharging with a battery charger. Below are the two major types of batteries you might need to buy for your electronic devices.

Primary cells or non-rechargeable batteries

Batteries of this type can only be used once; after the cell is drained of its power, it can no longer be used and must be disposed of properly. Nevertheless, what makes non-rechargeable batteries special is that they are packed with more power compared to other types of batteries. Smoke detectors, flashlights, emergency lights, and other battery-powered lights are usually powered by this battery, and it usually lasts for several months depending on usage. Most watches, for instance, are powered by compact lithium batteries that are designed to last for more than fifteen years. Duracell and Energizer are two well-known brands producing non-rechargeable batteries. However, other manufacturers also offer other non-rechargeable batteries which make use of various electrochemicals to produce electricity, such as Alkaline batteries, Mercury batteries, Nickel batteries, Dry cells, Galvanic cells, Clark cells, Bunsen cells, Weston cells, and so on.

Secondary cells or rechargeable batteries

Compared to non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries are relatively less expensive because they do not need to be replaced constantly. This is the reason why most gadgets today come with a battery charger. However, this type of battery can only last for a day or so, depending on how often the device is used. The more powerful your gadget’s features (i.e. if it has a powerful processor, or a huge, bright screen), the faster its battery will run out. For instance, the standard laptop battery usually lasts for eight hours only. Once the battery is depleted, it must be recharged. This is also true for camera batteries, though they take less time to recharge. As screens become bigger, processors become faster and efficient, and today’s generation relies more on their smartphones and other portable electronic devices, the demand for a portable power source like powerbanks is increasing. Powerbanks serve as an external battery for your electronic devices, giving you extra power on the go. Simply use a USB cable or a power cord to plug in and start charging your tablets, smartphones, and MP4s. Other examples of rechargeable batteries include Polymer-based batteries for transistors, and solar cells and Lithium-ion batteries for mobile cell phones. Flow batteries are used for UPS sytsems, while fuel cells and lead-acid batteries are for automotive vehicles.

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