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High Resolution Multimedia Connectivity

For a high-definition audio-visual experience, you will need more than just high-spec screens and home theater systems. The understated importance of quality audio-visual cables often prevents viewers and listeners from maximizing the full potential of their components. There really is no other way to interconnect your speakers, DVD players, television sets and enjoy their rich video and sound quality but to use an HDMI cable.

There are many types of audio-visual cables: AV cables, DVI cables, RCA cables, S-video cables, speaker-lead cables, coaxial audio cables, VGA cables, USB cables, and HDMI cables; the last three are the most salable items. However, of these three, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables are best used for components with high-definition audio and video outputs. It is the only type of cable used for 1080p full HD displays. Feel free to check our best offers on our top products like the Audio Focus 1.5m and 3m HDMI V1.4 cables. Thinking of getting a high-performance TV to get the ultimate movie experience? You may also check our bestselling multi-media products like the LG 65UF850T 65-inch ultra-HD smart TV and the LG smart BP740 3D bluray player.

Before buying an audio visual cable, you should first consider the distance of the components you want connected, the kind of signal quality your electronics have, and the ports available in the unit. You can also opt for an HDMI splitter, if you want to have multiple displays in several rooms or areas in your office from one source unit (cable box, blu-ray player, or satellite box).

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