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While a number of people are not as mindful when it comes to cuticles, most women pay close attention to them and are part of their fashion expression. Be it a basic American or French manicure, gel, paraffin, or hot stone finish, nails do tell something about a person - minimalists keep their nails clean in earth tones, while the sophisticated and stylish love bright and vibrant nail colors.

Keep your fingers clean with antibacterial hand soaps and washes. Antiseptic gels protect your cuticles from bacteria build-up. Use sharp manicure clippers, curved trimmers, or nail cutters specifically sized for either your fingernails or toenails. Moisturizers help soften otherwise rough nails. Applying nail hardeners keeps your cuticles intact and less prone to breakage. There are tons of colors for your nail polish. Salons also offer nail embellishments for that added glitter in your fingers. Airbrushing is a quick process of adding designs to nails. 3D nail art and rhinestones are slowly making their way in the market. Artificial nails are trendy for young people and fashion enthusiasts. You could also ask your doctor for Biotin supplements for healthy nails.

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