Fragrances, Perfumes and Colognes: Best prices in Malaysia

Perfumes: Making You Smell Nice and Feel Nice

The best perfumes might set you back several hundreds per milliliter and it's rather amusing to look back at its origins. They now come in very attractive bottles that are by themselves collectible whereas their natural counterparts (and original form) were part of bodily secretions intended for purposes that aren't so different from the purposes of today's perfumes (save for the territory marking and mating signals). Today's concoctions also rarely contain real musk, civet, castoreum, or ambergris anymore as laboratory produced synthetic imitations are moer affordable and more acceptable to the general public. For the ladies, perfumes and fragrances are often a cruical combination with the makeup they are wearing, making sure that the scents match the shades and colors.

Fragrances are usually classified according to strength, the most concentrated of which are the perfume oils. Scents from this category have been steamed or pressed out or chemically separated out of a flower, plant, or even a fruit. Next in terms of concetration of fragrances are the parfum (25 percent perfum oil), eau de parfum (15 to 18 percent), eau de toilette (10 percent concentration), and eaux de cologne and body sprays, which are lighter and not as concentrated as the rest.

Fragrances can also be classified according to scent families, and if you read reviews, most critics and designers (Kim Kardashian included) uses these terms when describing their scent creation. These classifications also gives you an idea on what to expect from the perfume.

  • Floral: smells like flowers
  • Fruity: smells like fruit, including citrus
  • Green: fresh grass or leaves
  • Herbaceous: like any variety of herbs
  • Woody: like different types of wood
  • Amber: like tree resin
  • Animalic: bodily smells
  • Musk: like a substance made by the musk deer
  • Oriental: amber and spice

Finding the Perfect Perfume

According to Oprah's ultimate perfume guide, you need to follow some steps when purchasing a perfume that will compliment your body chemistry and make you stand out in the right way. The first tip is, when smelling the fragrance. You should avoid inhaling steadily over it (preferably on a paper tester), you should lean into it, get the scent, and move away for a second. Repeat this process several times and wait a few moments between different fragrances. Once you've narrowed down the ones you liked, try asking if you can take a sample vial to take at home, appl it in the morning and gauge how it makes you smell during the entire day and through its several stages. By stages we mean the notes. Perfume come with a top, middle and bottom notes. The first note being the first scent to hit your sensesm they are also the first scent to disappear, the scent that comes off after a few hours are the middle notes, while the residual scent that stays on you at the end of the day are the bottom notes.Notes are often included in the perfume's box so you can easily check them out.

It is very important that all notes fits and makes you smell good that is why it is important to test out perfumes prior to purchasing them, especially those with a rather hefty price tag.

Making Your Perfume Last Longer

First off, you have to make sure that you store them away from direct light and heat as these affect their shelf lives. So better find a cool and dark place for them (not necessarily the fridge). Second tip on making them last is whether you should spritz or dab. How you apply it doesn't really matter although with the average spray, as much as 50 percent of your perfume will wind up on the floor or a furniture, so if you want to enjoy it longer, better stick to dabbing. Making the perfume last long on you is a it tricky as you have to consider the scent family. Lighter scents tend to float away faster while heavier scents tend to linger longer. Usually, perfumes and fragrances from well known brands like Burberry are long lasting and enduring throughout the day.

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