Women's Perfume: Best prices in Malaysia (1990 Items found)

Stylish Scents for Women

For women, taking a trip at the perfume counter is more than a luxury. Scents comes with identity - an expression, a reflection of one’s personality. Centuries back, women were expected to have their own signature scents as a mark of sublime femininity. Perfumes were particularly used for balls, gatherings, and significant occasions, mainly to attract men. Thus, choosing a perfume should not be taken lightly as they reveal one’s character, mood, and style.

Scent Types

Women’s perfumes can be classified into seven generic types. Florals (mild and powdery), fruity (sweet) and woody or earthy scents (balmy and musky) are the most common. Oriental types have distinct ethereal smells, made with unique spices. Modern mixes include nature scents (hint of fresh grass or leaves), citrus-based scents (tangy and energizing), and oceanic or aquatic (clean and breezy).

For active and sporty females, aquatic and citrus-based scents are best for a dash of freshness on the go. On ordinary days, nature scents are most ideal. Romantic types prefer floral and fruity scents for a sensual vibe. On special evenings and dates, oriental and woody scents are captivating. Go for brands like Calvin Klein, Chanel, Davidoff, Coach, Elizabeth Arden, Issey Miyake, Clinique, Gucci, Burberry , and Hugo Boss for an excellent line of women’s perfumes. 

It All Boils Down To Body Chemistry

No matter how chic or luscious your choice perfume would be, the deal breaker really lies on compatibility. Perfumes could smell good on you in the morning, but reek after a few hours if they are incompatible with your genetic or chemical makeup. One should not undermine the effects of perfume on body chemistry. If you intend to know what’s most compatible with your genetics, take a whiff on the body parts dashed with perfume after a number of hours. If the scent stays and no unusual or foul odor arises, then your choice fragrance is perfect for you.

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