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Better Safe than Sorry

Safety gears are industrial clothing gear used by those with high risk professions, like chemists, lab workers, construction workers, and engineers. They also serve as personal protective equipment for sports enthusiasts (cyclists, motorcycle riders, and those who are inclined to do extreme action sports). These gear are designed to reduce the risk of contamination, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and other physical injuries.

One example of safety gear is the helmet, which is often used by construction workers to protect their heads from building mishaps. Safety belts and harnesses are used for climbing high rise structures or for scaffolding. They are made of high-quality rope or cables with strong lock systems that help prevent falling accidents.

Heavy-duty clothing with thermal or waterproofing features are used by workers who are at risk of being exposed to chemicals that are harmful to the skin. For airborne protection, gas masks or respirators form part of the entire protective ensemble, in addition to safety goggles and ballistic or safety vests. Even for simple mechanical tasks in your garage or workshop, we still recommend that you use basic protective gear: a pair of work gloves will help protect your hands from blisters; safety goggles like the Evon G5012CL HD wide vision goggles and OEM lab safety specs offer eyewear protection against heat, wind blast, etc. For hardcore sports, we also have product offers on Sec 00452 knee and elbow protectors, leg guards, and chest protectors.

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