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What to Look for When Buying Rugs

Rugs can be used to improve the design of your rooms, reduce the noise of foot stomps, and give a warmer and cozier feel to a room where your children can play. Rugs can also be used as doormats and bathroom mats to remove dirt from the soles of your shoes before entering your homes, and to absorb excess water from your feet after bath.

When choosing a rug, you first have to consider its material, its density, and its durability. The most popular materials used for rugs are wool, silk, cotton, synthetics, natural fibers, polypropylene, leather and sheepskin. If you are looking for a rug that is durable and easy to clean, synthetics such as nylon and polyester are the best options. On the other hand, if you want a cozy feel for your room, wool and sheepskin are the best options. They may be more expensive though, given their elegant appeal. For bathroom mats, you can opt for a super absorbent microfiber material that can absorb excess water from your feet.

As a substitute for rugs, you can use square carpet tiles with peelable adhesive sheets at the back. For tiles that do not have adhesive backs, you can use double-sided carpet tape instead. Some people prefer carpet tiles because the worn out or stained parts are easier to replace without needing to take out the entire carpet. For exceptional and collectible rugs, you can check out popular brands such as Designer Rugs and The Rug Company.

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