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Best Cuts in Price for Cutlery

Professional chefs and home cooks have their own favorite set of kitchen cutlery. For de-boning or cutting frozen food, it is better to use stainless steel knives. The Zwilling Pure 7-piece block set has got the basic kitchen utensils that you will need. It comes with a peeling knife, a paring knife (for cutting fruits and vegetables), a serrated knife (for cutting through food with hard exteriors or shell but have delicate or soft flesh), a chef’s knife (for cutting large chunks of meat and other kitchen cutting needs), sharpening steel, kitchen shears, and a hardwood block.

However, among all the available sets of cutlery in the market, ceramic knives are the top favorite kitchen essentials. A ceramic knife is lighter than its steel counterpart and is most often used in chopping or dicing vegetable or soft food. You may check our best offers on ceramic knife sets and compare their prices and features before making your purchase.

For your knives to last longer, you should wash and dry them as soon as possible after use. This is to prevent the build-up of stains and spots caused by acidic food or dishwashing detergents. After drying them with a hand towel, you can now put them in a knife holder. You may also see our best offers on Diamond Stainless Knife Holders for better upkeep of your stainless cutlery.

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PricePanda offers a complete collection of cutlery, from bread, cheese, and steak knives, to carving knives (for thinner meat slices), cleavers (a butcher’s knife for hacking through meat bones), mezzaluna (for chopping herbs, pizza, or pesto), and Santoku knives (known for its Japanese origins and all-around kitchen use such as chopping, cutting, dicing and, mincing). We also carry items from trusted brands like Zwilling, Joseph Joseph, Jamie Oliver, and Zoku. Pair them with the best kitchenware and crockery to get a delightful cooking experience. For your other kitchen needs, you may check our product offers on cookware and kitchen supplies. Don’t forget to bookmark PricePanda and visit us regularly for updates on your favorite products and their prices. Stay connected by liking our Facebook page!