Cat Supplies: Best prices in Malaysia (4840 Items found)

What Your Cat Needs

PricePanda has a good collection of cats supplies, from food, dietary supplements, vitamins, to litter boxes, toys and treats, and grooming items. Our lineup of products can certainly help cat owners complete their checklist of supplies and that would mean more fun for their beloved feline pet.

Here are the basic items that your cat needs: a collar, a feeder, a cat condo, and a litter box. You can either get a cloth, nylon, or velvet collar, so long as it has an elastic strap. Stretchable collars prevent accidental strangulation. This will help your cat easily move its head out of its collar in case it got snagged.

Keeping your favorite feline busy by allowing them to perch and climb on cat condos is a good way to keep them fit. And like cat beds, cat condos provide a comfortable space where your cat can rest and doze off. You should also take time to train your cat so it will learn to go to its litter pan or box when it’s time to urinate or defecate. You can choose from PricePanda’s collection of Moderna litter boxes to get started on your cat’s training.

For cat food, you can shop for canned meat products (compared to dogs, cats’ diet should be heavy on meat), but make sure to consult your veterinarian first to know the proper nutrition that your cat needs. A cat’s food requirement varies depending on its age. For kittens, it is advisable to feed them with food that is rich in calcium to improve bone growth. Older cats need to stay lean so they have to cut back on their calorie intake. You can also choose from our list of Science Diet dietary supplements for added protection to also keep your pet playful and healthy.

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