Electric Fans: Best prices in Malaysia (47 Items found)

Fan Out Your Options for Electric Fans

If you don’t want your room too hot or too cold, you can turn on the electric fan instead of your air conditioner or heater. There are plenty of new electric fan models that have been introduced in the market. Each unit has its own unique build that caters to every individual needs.

Portable fans, desk fans, box fans, tower fans, or floor fans are ideal for small spaces. These fans provide enough ventilation and portability. You can also place them on top of the table or on a piece of furniture with a flat surface, depending on how you want airflow to be directed and distributed. You may check our product offers on generic battery-powered portable fans.

Bigger households use pedestal, ceiling, or wall mount fans because they have a wider reach and more powerful air speed options. A pedestal or standing fan like the Imarflex IF-322T-U 16-inch stand fan has a long, adjustable stand which height you can easily adjust according to your preference.

Ceiling fans, like the Union UGM-16OF and Hunter HF-24996 54-inch Bayview, can serve as a decorative piece in your living room. They can improve the antique or beach-like interiors of your home and provide a breezy, calming air without causing a spike in your electricity bills. On the other hand, wall mount fans are bolted on the wall. If you want more floor space, ceiling and wall mount fans are your best options.

For enclosed spaces, you can also use window fans. They are made to fit into a window frame, making them a good alternative for air conditioners. They draw stale air out and drive fresh air inside the room. Other fans like industrial fans are mostly found in factories, warehouses, and big workshops. Other interesting features to look for in electric fans are built-in timers and speed customization options.

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