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Huawei is taking the tablet market by storm. Over the past few years, it has diversified its product line and expanded into the tablet market, going toe to toe with some of the established global telecommunications equipment manufacturers, like Apple, Samsung, Sony and Acer. Whereas some of its competitors specialised in PC production before venturing into the realm of tablets, Huawei focused solely on this particular branch, catching up with the latest technology in only a matter of years. Not to be outdone by Apple's iPads, your typical Huawei tablet is 7-8 mm thin even though it incorporates a mind-boggling display of cutting-edge technology.

Huawei Mediapad 10

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Whatever it is you're looking for in a tablet, chances are Huawei has produced it for you. The MediaPad range features some of the most advanced technology. The MediaPad X1 version boasts 4G LTE connectivity and a battery that can withstand a whopping 125 hours of music playback. The MediaPad T1 is best known for its video floating function, which allows you to watch videos and carry on with regular computing work at the same time. The S8, in turn, is an eye-catching device with matching headset and smart band. The S10 is a gaming tablet like no other, with full HD video, Dolby Digital Plus speakers and 1.6 GHz quad-core processor which immerse you into a 3D, life-like reality.

The hard-wearing, metallic Youth2 is a social, energetic and busy youngster's tablet, while the MediaPad 10 FHD is the ultimate in portable cinematic devices. Whatever your lifestyle, there's a MediaPad out there for you, and you can find it on PricePanda.Our Huawei category is packed with offers for the latest models, as well as for some of the very first tablets ever produced, to satisfy both the nostalgic and the tech fanatic Huawei fans. New or used, PricePanda has the tablet you need at a price you'll love. When you've found your favourite gadget, don't forget to browse our accessories range for some of those original Huawei essentials that bring out the best in your tablet.

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