Nappies: Best prices in Malaysia (2011 Items found)

Absorbent Nappies, Happy Babies

Babies are so much fun to have around. Seeing them laugh will melt your heart and watching them sleep is like watching a sweet and innocent angel. All babies need continuous sleep, and you don’t want them to wake up in the middle of the night because of their wet nappies. During this period, you are most likely to be on the diaper-changing routine every hour whether they are awake or asleep. That is why you have to be equipped with the right baby nappies.

You may consider using washable cloth nappies which come in a wide range of cute and colorful designs. Even when your baby is taking a wee or poo, you would surely want your kid to look adorable. Cloth nappies are also available in waterproof outer wrap styles or one-size-fits-all pop-in styles with removable booster pads. You may also check out our top products like the Huggies Dry super jumbo pack of 3 (limited offer), for a good supply of absorbent nappies, perfect for long trips with your baby. Using disposable nappies is your best option if you are still adjusting to staying up late at night to take care of your baby.

On the other hand, using reusable nappies like the Cluebebe reusable pocket diaper can help you save money. This super absorbent diaper is made of 380 gsm microfibers, with a hypoallergenic microfleece inner lining. You will also need a diaper bag, a changing table or mat, baby wipes, diaper covers, and cloth and swimming nappies to help keep your baby’s tushy dry and rash free.

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