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Babywearing at Its Best

You are now all set with the best baby furniture and accessories, from your child’s crib, changing table, bassinet down to your little one’s mitts and nappies. But neither of these can provide a closer sense of intimacy between you and your child. This is where baby slings and carriers come in. Another must-have baby product, baby carriers allow you to be with your child anytime anywhere, except in a moving car. While your baby is in the carrier, sleeping against your back or chest, or poking curiously at your face, you can still move around with your hands free to do some multitasking. “Babywearing” can help moms deal with postpartum depression and it is also a proven effective way to pacify a fidgety baby.

Wrap or sling carriers are ideal when breastfeeding your newborn baby as they serve as a cover-up blanket when breastfeeding in public areas. However, these carrier types do not have the support paddings and straps that your growing baby needs.

Front carriers offer more weight support and some models also allow you to carry your child on your back; however it is best to use this type of carrier if your child has full head control and can sit up. Make sure to read the product features and weight restrictions of the baby carrier before purchasing, and to check the sturdiness of the carrier and breathability of the fabric. Opt for carriers with light colours, as they don’t absorb too much heat. You don’t want your child to suffer from heat exhaustion as this may lead to dehydration. Always keep your baby’s face visible while your child is in the carrier and follow the safety guidelines of your carrier’s manufacturer to avoid injuries and suffocation.

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