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Welcome to our dedicated page for global technology company, Lenovo. With headquarters in Beijing, China, it operates in more than 60 regions and serves customers in over 160 countries. The brand is a long-established vendor of PCs and mobile internet devices with a focus on innovation and breakthrough technology for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.


Lenovo: Lighten up your Life

  Everything you need for your Personal Computing

Lenovo, the first global vendor in terms of total sales in Personal Computing, conquered its position at the top of the electronics industry thanks to thorough market knowledge. Offering to its customers exactly what they are asking for, be it very low-budget feature phones or affordable high-end smartphones, cheap home laptops or advanced professional ultrabooks, it was able to create a strong brand loyalty both in native China and abroad that has very few parallels in the world. On this page, we are recollecting all products available from the ubiquitous brand on our website. We are pretty sure that in here you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.


Basic Laptops, Ultra Laptops


In a globalized, connected world, portable computing is rapidly converting into a basic need. The Chinese brands keeps this in mind when continuously launch new products on the market that are functional, powerful, yet sold at very democratic prices. The IdeaPad series, in particular, is there to fulfill the demand for efficient, reliable laptops that fill the bill on a bargain. However, they did not forget about more demanding users: check out the offering for the Z and Y series to be amazed by top-notch ultrabooks that will satisfy the hungriest notebook enthusiasts. Ultra-thin yet overly powerful, these equipments are created not just for operability and performance, but also to deliver the best entertainment possible, hiding complete multimedia hubs in few centimeters. Beyond specs, one of its highest points in design is reached in the Yoga line, products especially conceived for flexibility and versatility. Easily convertible, quickly transformed, resisting for long, with enhanced battery life and higher energy efficiency.


Smartphones for the People, by the People

  Everything you need for your Personal Computing

Ask yourself: what am I looking in a new mobile phone? Low price for essential use? Or power and style, at the right price? Never mind the question, we got the answer for you: Lenovo. Applying the same philosophy that brought it to PC stardom, the company insists in flooding the shelves with several series of many, many products that will suit any consumer necessity. Recently, the Vibe line pushed boundaries way further for this low-mid brand, that finally entered the segment of flagship smartphones: sophisticated design, mind-blowing graphics, incredible battery life. You don’t need such frills and gimmicks? Then consider the A series to find out how much performing technology can be cheap. Simple quality at the right price.


Think like a Pro


Thinking about adding a new twist to your job? Improve your professional life the might and value of a ThinkPad product. In the office or on the go, managers, employers, freelancers and self-employed people need a much higher level of security and reliability compared to common domestic usage. Therefore, this laptops, ultrabooks and tablets specifically present added features to the already excellent series to improve the protection of sensible data, by dedicated encryption systems to protect confidential information and advanced anti-theft features. When are you often travelling for work or are getting ready for a pitch or presentation, you want to make sure that display and system compatibility, as well as file sharing, work as smooth as fast as possible: thus, a special focus is put on connectivity options, to guarantee video and document sharing among devices and peripherals in all conditions and at any time.


The Best Quality at the Best Price in Malaysia


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