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LG LED TV - a world leader in the large screen and 3D TV market

The Korean company, LG, joined the electronics world in 1958. Since then it has led the world in advanced digital expertise, applying its new technologies to mobile devices and TVs. Originally called GoldStar, the brand first produced TVs in the 1960's. Renamed LG Electronics in 1995, it developed the world's first 60" plasma TV. A decade later it brought the first 55", all-in-one LCD TV to the commercial market and enlarged the screen size of its plasma TVs. By 2009 LG had knocked Sony and Samsung down the league table of LCD TV producers. Still leading the field, the brand marketed the first 3D LED TV in 2010.

LG 65-inch LED TV

An LG TV for any room in your home

You will now find an LED TV from LG suitable for every room in your home, from 84" screens for a cinema quality experience to Smart TVs for keeping in touch and 3D TVs for something different. As well as having excellent HD resolution, crisp images and brilliant sound, LED TVs are sleek and stylish, looking great in any setting. The Samsung LED TV, led the market for its ultra-thin designs but LG hit back, gaining THX Certification for the exceptional quality of images, vibrant colours and precise details of its LED TVs.

LED TVs from LG are available in its LN, GN and LA ranges with screen sizes from 32" to a whopping 84". All the models in this popular range of back-lit LED TVs have full HD resolution, giving you great picture quality every time. The larger screen sizes are designed to give you an authentic cinema experience in your home. Part of the range are 3D or Smart models. An optional wireless feature does away with unsightly cords and cables, letting your stylish TV sit more comfortably in your home. The slim profile, thinner than 1", is perfect for mounting on your walls. Some of the models have done away with the screen frame, offering an edge to edge seamless display.

LG's Smart model in the LA range gives you all the features of the internet but through your television. Keep in touch with friends and family through social media, enjoy Skype conversations on the large screen and play games, download apps or surf the net with ease and freedom. A Smart TV lets you download your favourite film or choose from thousands of TV shows from around the world. You will never run out of things to watch.

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