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LG refrigerators are among the most reliable and intelligent machines by the award-winning South Korean brand. With their stylish designs and modern, intuitive features, LG fridges offer a wide range of options to choose from. Fridges by LG come in a variety of colours, finishes, sizes and shapes. They offer a multitude of modern specs especially formulated to be environmentally sound and energy efficient. Other leading brands offer comparable fridges: one among the leading competitors is Samsung. Samsung refrigerators also offer an ample choice of aesthetic factors such as customisable fronts. This eclecticism makes Samsung a great choice for a contemporary, urban chic kitchen that is design orientated, although LG have been established in the kitchen appliances and white goods market longer and this longer experience shows. Users are also of the opinion that, across the board, LG fridges have a lower energy consumption over Samsung and other prominent brands.

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LG- technological excellence for the home

An LG fridge is a guarantee that your refrigerator won't let you down. LG fridges provide multiple storage areas equipped with wire bars for ease of internal organisation. They also feature the usual removable and wipe clean plastic dividers. Most of the latest designs and models offer state of the art features such as, through-the-door dispensers with LED displays as well as LED lights, and American style door-mounted ice dispensers too. In addition to these latest features, most LG fridges are frost free and minimise the risk of freezer burn.

The size and layout of the internal fridge and freezer components vary according to the model and can, in some cases, be specified at the point of purchase. One thing is for certain: LG is synonymous for appliance durability. This means that any of its refrigerator models will last long and be energy efficient. In wider terms, LG has literally been a global household name for a long time. The highly energy efficient LG air conditioners, for instance, constitute a top of the range solution for warm summer days when you wish your home to stay cool, relaxing and peaceful despite of the hot sun and close air swathing the outdoors. Other award-winning household appliances by LG include washing machines, tumble dryers, as well as home electronics such as smart Blu-ray players and the signature LG smart TV sets.

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