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Nike: Bringing Out the Athlete in Everyone

The leading name in sports, Nike believes that they are not just producing some of the best sportswear in the world, but they are also the repository for the science of human performance and potential. The brand offers a massive collection of products to outfit an active lifestyle. It treats everyone as an athlete and it understands that every athlete wants to be better. Their gear will be able to outfit you from head to toe with high performance sneakers, clothing, socks, bags, watches and eye-wear. Though everybody thinks of it as a "sports brand" Nike has evolved into becoming an all-around brand that caters not just to athletes but to basically everyone looking for comfort and style while engaging in physical or fitness activities. It believes in bringing out the athlete in you and transforming you into a great player. It is not just there to dress you, it is there coaching you every step of the way. The company continuously manufactures products engineered to enhance your every training experience, making every workout count. It knows that top quality and performance are key to unlocking your inner potential and the brand makes sure that with a pair of shoes or a pair of running pants, you will be able to push your boundaries and exceed every goal you set for yourself. No matter what your goals are, Nike knows that training and running are not just fitness activities or sports, they are a way of life.

Not one to rest on its laurels, the Oregon based company continues to seek new and innovative ways to develop superior athletic products, and creative methods to communicate directly with their consumers. Nike Free, Nike+ and Nike Sphere are just three examples of the brands novel and innovative approach. The brand has always been at the forefront of technical integration, whether it is from the revolutionary Nike Pegasus, to Nike Air technology; Nike running shoes are always pushing the envelope on creativity, comfort, and technology infused sports, utility, and active-wear.

Customize with NikeiD

Aside from providing you with nothing but the best in materials, comfort, and design, the company also wants you to have the freedom to customize or personalize your shoes, be it running, basketball, fitness, football, Jordans, golf, training, skateboarding, baseball, tennis, and more. This footwear personalization option has been around for more than 10 years and has been offering its fans several options to personalize a wide selection of products. The feature's array of customization options ranges from color, materials, fit, and even performance as you can choose which sole and other ergonomic features.

iD will let you customize your performance via your footwear, fine-tune the fit, and of course, represent your personal style. You can design a pair of shoes from the ground-up, save your design using the myLocker account, as well as tweak your design to make sure that you are entirely happy with your creation. Depending on which shoe (Air Force. Kobe, LeBron, Kevin Durant, etc.) you will have at least 82 different materials to choose from and the shoes will have at least 31 different customizable parts which includes its accent, overlay, base, lining, stitching, outsoles, laces, and more.

NikeLab Collection

A modern interpretation of athletic apparel inspired by an emerging design for luxury while training or doing fitness activites, The NikeLab collection is the Oregon based company's answer to rival Adidas' style collection. This line showcases the brand's collaboration with several critically acclaimed designers and innovators. It presents a curated collection defined by products that celebrates performance and style. Collections in this line are often limited edition offerings and expresses the intersection of sport, design, and culture. The Swoosh's heritage styles are also represented and reinterpreted through this line. Jun Takahashi and Pedro Lourenco are just a few design names who collaborated with Nike to produce exceptional products for this line.


At the core of the brand are its sportswear, specifically their range of shoes that boasts of unparalleled performance. They integrate tradition with technology and style making their products more than just another sportswear. The brand manufactures and covers almost every sport imaginable, they sponsor various clubs from table tennis to the world's biggest football clubs and they dress everyone from the yoga enthusiast to the likes of professional surfer Carissa Moore, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kevin Durrant. Among their top product lines are:

  • Basketball: Nike is basketball. Other brands might have outfitted the sports first but it is the brand with the Swoosh that is best identified with the game. Their basketball shoes are as legendary as the players they are named after and though their endorsers are already extremely gifted on their own, the brand helps them to perform better. This line, like all their other products, are results of thorough research, testing, and analysis. Your colorful pair of Air Max are data turned into design. The Zoom, Air Max, Lunarlon, Flyknit, Flywire, Hyperfuse, and Air, are among the shoe technology included in this line.
  • Football: The brand might not be the official outfitter of the World Cup but its jerseys adorn the world's top clubs like Juventus, FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Galatasaray, Paris Saint-German, Boca Juniors, and many more. The brand's jerseys offer tailored fit that delivers optimal comfort and range of motion with a seamless design that provides players enhanced comfort while playing. Their football boots are the most innovative on the pitch and are worn by more players than any other brand. The Hypervenom, Tiempo V, Magista and Mercurial Superfly, are just a few shoe technology that are focused on improved fit, touch and traction, and agility.
  • Running: No other brand manufactures running shoes better than Nike. Their designers have constantly pushed to make their footwear's structure lighter, smoother, and more responsive without sacrificing any of its vaunted stability features. They employ scientists, researchers, professional athletes, and you to come up with the perfect solution and mix of features to deliver an uncompromising performance. Their running footwear comes with asymmetrical dynamic fly wire and a triple-density dynamic support system in the mid-sole. They provide runners with the support and cushioning they need to make sure that their feet are protected even when pushing their abilities to its limits.
  • Fitness: Whether you are into yoga, Pilates, or even street dancing, the brand has got you covered-from head to toe. Their fitness collection will keep you going no matter how cold or warm it is. They help protect your muscles from strains and they support you with your every move. This line's design process begin by listening to the needs of athletes and everyone. They try to connect with the community to better understand their fitness and training needs. Their products get their inspirations from the way people move during sports and exercise everywhere. They are designed to support the core moves involved when performing a physical activity such as push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate. It doesn't matter if you are snowboarding, skateboarding, or simply stretching, there will always be a perfect set of performance outfit for you.
  • Swimming: If you are more of a water babe or guy, you can still rely on Nike. From training to team swimwear, the brand remains at the forefront of new and innovative technologies. It is constantly striving to develop new fabrics for more comfortable and effective swimwear. Since harsh, chlorinated water is hard on swimsuits, the company has created an answer with their revolutionary NX fabric. This nylon fabric is chlorine-resistant and colorfast is capable of withstanding long hours of training and competition while retaining its shape throughout the life of the garment. Excellent shape retention and soft, lightweight comfort can be found with Nike swimwear that utilizes Nike EVR-X poly fabric. This unique fabric blends in the revolutionary chlorine-proof Dow XLA fiber with a comfortable stretch for maximum performance and comfort.
  • Tennis: Nike first made its name in the tennis court that is why no matter how advanced their new tennis gears are, they are always deeply rooted in the brand's heritage. Their "court" collection is footwear and apparel that oozes with the tennis tradition. An on and off-court lifestyle that is delivered through premium design, styling, innovation, performance, materials, and looks. The brand is unchallenged in this sport and it remains the choice of tennis greats like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, the Williams sister, China's Li Na, and many more.

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