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Panasonic: Touching Every Aspect of Your Life

Founded almost a century ago, the Osaka, Japan based manufacturer has been providing their customers with a more convenient living. They make sure that you are central to their activities. They base their innovative electronics technology, wide variety of products, systems, and services which ranges from consumer electronic products to industrial devices on people's lives, their needs and their wants. They aim to continue working hard to offer newer products and services to better your way of life at home, in your community, at work, during your travels, and many more. The company recognizes their responsibility to the progress and development of their consumers and the well being of the people worldwide through our business activities.

The company focuses on various space and areas where their customers go about their lives, such as their homes, communities, workplace, journeys, and automobile and they tailored their business segments to cover these areas. Their four segments are their appliances company, eco-solutions company, AVC networks company, and automotive and industrial systems company. All four addresses the needs of each individual spaces contributing to realizing a better life for you.

The brand is often associated with televisions, mainly because they manufacture some of the best TVs in the market and provide real competition to established players like Samsung and Sony. The company, however, is more than just a TV company, they have been making a vast range of products under their four segments which are all aimed at enhancing your life. They have a long standing commitment to sustainability making them able to offer innovative solutions that are both technologically advanced and eco friendly.

Panasonic Products

Audio and Video

After producing some of the best television sets the industry has ever seen, the company is now introducing the future of TV. A new category of TV known as Life+ Screen. This new system completely overhauls the user interface and implement dramatic enhancements regarding learning the content preferences of individual users, breaking different content out of its silos, and making navigation far easier and more intuitive. Aside from this new system, the company will continue to produce their award winning Viera line of Plasma (now discontinued), 4K, LCD, LED, and OLED TV sets. The line features not just top of the line picture quality (with some having 3D capabilities), advanced design, and unique, high-quality panel. Going beyond just showing images and videos, the latest Viera models now comes built-in with a camera which you can use to take photos, automatically recognize the person and display reminders and information for the particular person. They also come with voice interaction feature, voice guidance, and eHelp.

No entertainment system is complete without having the right sound system, and the company produces some of the best. They manufacture speaker systems for your phone, iPod, and of course, your home theater. They produce clear, distortion-free audio from deep bass to high-end treble and they come with several other useful features. Among these features are AirPlay (will let you play your iTunes libraries directly from your computer, iPad, iPhone, or anywhere with WiFI without degrading sound quality), LincsD-Amp (reduces jitter and sound distortion), Music Streaming App, and high performance super tweeter for natural, higher frequency sound.

Air Conditioning and Home Appliances

The company is committed to developing environmentally leading products that meet new customer needs in the areas of homemaking, cooking, air conditioning, water heating, beauty and health. They continue to provide customers around the world with products and services that offer relief, safety and sense of affinity. Their line-up of home appliances and Panasonic air conditioning are so vast they can outfit your entire home. They manufacture eco-friendly refrigerators that also offers moisture-retention to vegetables, the make them in one door, two-door, jumbo space top freezer, and many more forms. They make microwave ovens, convection stoves, and ovens capable of producing delicious, time-saving, and combination cooking. Their washers all come with the new intelligent ECONAVI system which means less power consumption yet powerful washing performance. They have dishwashers and vacuum cleaners that makes cleaning your home a stress-free experience. They have a huge variety of small appliances such as rice cookers, oven toaster, coffee machine, mixers, food processors, and many more, all offering nothing short of the best while saving energy.

Beauty and Living

Look and feel your best each day with the brand's personal grooming products designed for men and women, wet or dry. They make razors and shavers that will give you a close shave every morning, with the fastest shaver that features the sharpest blades as well as cordless shavers and epilators designed to hug a woman's curves for close shaves. They understand that a woman needs more than just a blow dryer that is why they also bring a plethora of other products all focused on making the ladies look their best. They have a big line of specialized Nanoe flat iron for hair, facial steamers, nail gel polish removal kits, heated eyelash curlers, facial trimmer, and many more. They also have rechargeable electric toothbrushes to make sure that your teeth will stay cavity free and your breath fresh.

Cameras and Camcorders

Capture every memorable moment and breathtaking sceneries using any one of their Lumix cameras, be it a compact digital camera, a DSLR, a handycam or a professional solid-state camcorder. They are very handy, versatile, high-speed and capable of producing excellent images and videos. They come in various built and are designed to cater to specific situations. They make them rugged and capable of withstanding the elements. They are your perfect travel and day-to-day companion.

Smartphones and Laptops

Though not their biggest line, the manufacturer produces one of the best and toughest notebooks in the form of the Toughbook. The Toughbook is tough in every sense of the word, it is the computer of choice of people at the front line of some of the most dangerous situations in the world. With this feature they differentiate themselves from the other competitors in the crowded laptop market like Sony. They work even when hit with a shrapnel. The company is relatively new to the smart mobile phone scene and has recently launched their Eluga line of handsets. Though new, the line is already receiving rave reviews based on their form, functionality, and affordability.

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