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A brand known the world over, Sony is a favourite of tech lovers everywhere. Here you will find a page dedicated to the Japanese brand and their diverse products which range from TVs to stereos and refrigerators to gaming consoles. The Sony Corporation has operations in electronics manufacturing, entertainment, music publishing, and more. Find out here which side of Sony you want to take home.


Endless innovations from Sony

Before, Sony was mostly about developing state of the art televisions; they were in fact the leader. Many brands came after this and mass produced with their own innovations. It may have lost its lead, but the name is still there. To ease this setback, it decided to expand to other niches and develop other gadgets that are on demand today. And that was when it had its own version of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles.

All the great Sony Products - from mobile phones to gaming consoles

Sony’s mobile phones run on an operating system provided by Android. Their phones are typically slim and easy to hold and are therefore very comfortable on your hand. The grip is good. Watching movies are also better with the Mobile Bravia Engine that enhances sharpness and color. But make sure not to zoom it that much or the image quality and color would deteriorate. With it is the audio quality that allows a full sound that does not go beyond its limit to minimize the sound to be cranked when it reaches its highest volume. Finally, the GPS navigation system is excellent. With its Wisepilot software, it will show maps when you are in a difficult situation of locating the places that you go to.

The laptops from Sony are famous for the LED backlight technology. It ensures a bright and clear display that minimizes power consumption. Its other function is that it illuminates the keypad. The laptops are best used for those who are frequently typing on dim light. You can watch videos and listen to music through its media applications. The application also helps you connect with your other Sony devices. Finally, it has a web camera that gives clear and bright pictures even in dim surroundings. Like all bigger manufacturers, the company is also offering Sony Tablets.

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Sony has diversified and it has proven to be a good move. And whatever product it is they are offering, you will be sure of the quality. You can get all of the products they manufacture in Malaysia. It is also available online through PricePanda. PricePanda will show you a list of different products and different brands as well as the information on specifications, and prices. It even will show you the best buy option where you will get to see where you can purchase that same brand at the cheapest price possible. The reviews of the people who bought the product will help you decide on what to buy.