Sony Head Phones: Ear Bud , Wireless (5 Items found)

Top-Notch Headphones by Sony

Sony has been for decades a synonym of excellence in the entertainment industry in the whole world. Their reach ranges from all kind of electronic equipments to communication devices till some of the biggest movie and music productions on Earth. Their business and technical experience combined with expertise, knowledge and feedback from entertainment consumers convert themselves into products that join together premium technology with utmost leisure quality. Sony headphones are just at the top of their segment, distinguishing themselves greatly in comparison to competitors for their absolute effort in not just offering the latest innovation but also to show to users how music enjoyment can actually become better than it ever was.

Get rid of noise, Immerse into music

At the end of the day, there is only one thing you want from your headphones: the ability to enjoy your favorite music at its fullest potential, with the best sound quality possible, wherever you are. But when you are on the bus, in your office or walking in the street, all the noise in our surroundings can compromise the quality of our listening if not properly isolated. These technological wonders will do the trick for you. On the most advanced models, the Japanese manufacturer in fact integrates an Ambient noise sensor with related circuitry to select and filter it, in order to deliver you just the purest, clearest sound. High quality of sound is also guaranteed by the company’s own High-Resolution Audio format, with rates surpassing CD quality. Hear the slightest nuances of voice and instruments and feel like you were listening to your favorite artists in the recording studio itself. And that’s not it! Ventilation and performance are increased to create deep bass notes, for powerful, absorbing beat. The noise canceling technology implemented rivals the one of Bose headphones , largely considered the market leader in that specific feature.

Extreme portability with no compromise

Comfort and performance merge together in these stylish earphones with integrated mic. Use them in pair with your latest smartphone model to forget once for all about annoying wiring or hard-to-use controls. Thanks to the most recent Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, your phone is linked seamlessly with your audio speakers, so that you can listen to music saved on your mobile device with no need to pick it up from your bag or pocket. But if you think that speed and wireless connection come with a heavy compromise on output quality, get ready to be surprised. High connection rates equals higher responsiveness and data delivery, so that quality is practically untouched. That comes in handy also when driving, working out or simply being busy in other activities: get the earphones close to your NFC-enabled device and keep talking listening and talking hands-free in a matter of seconds. And in terms of looks and design, the headphones from Sony are considered a more stylish and classy version of the Beats headphones bold designs and colors.

Snatch them at a cheap price in Malaysia

Quality in audio equipments often come at considerable cost. If you are looking to buy one of these Sony headphones online in Malaysia, then you needn’t look any further. Check right now the price list provided by our partner shops to find a product that suits your lifestyle as well as your budget. And if you purchase or already own one, leave a review of the product so that other users like you can make the better choice. PricePanda Malaysia constantly puts its best effort in providing you with the best deals available online in Malaysia.