Sony Televisions: Best prices in Malaysia (6 Items found)

What puts Sony LED TV in a class of its own

Most television manufacturers made their name in the industry a long time ago and the ongoing innovations of one brand in particular have put them ahead of the rest. With their LED TV, Sony has cemented its place as a manufacturer of top-quality electronics. When you buy a TV, you usually hope you get to use it for a few years before buying a replacement or having any problems. Reliability is one quality that has made Sony's LED TVs so popular, compared to other brands like the Xenon LED TV. The R series of Sony's LED TVs makes a strong statement about how reliable this brand is - even the entry level R510A LED TV has very impressive picture quality. This is thanks to the exceptional color detail which many other Sony TVs also have. Images look vivid and real, which is thanks to the excellent black level which gives high contrast and a level of accuracy and depth that other entry-level LED TVs do not have.


What makes the Sony LED TV an action lovers dream

Sports lovers will appreciate the 240Hz refresh rate as they catch the game live, video gamers are sure to love playing all the latest releases on any Sony TV. Action movie lovers will also appreciate the refresh rate that allows for more frames. TVs with slower refresh rates tend to have the problem of blurred motion. This is because TVs aren't able to process fast motion scenes in time. This problem is non-existent with an entry-level Sony LED. However, entry-level models, do not feature 2D to 3D conversion and voice control.

Sony Bravia

Apart from a very vivid picture, the Sony R510A comes with an array of features that make it unnecessary to buy other appliances like a PC. Apart from watching TV, you can connect to the internet via the built-in Wi-Fi. You can also connect to video-streaming apps such as HuluPlus, Netflix and YouTube. Music lovers can get their favorite tunes on Pandora or NPR. You can also stay informed on the latest happenings by connecting to HuffPost Live or Associated Press. It is also possible to display HD content by connecting the TV to a video gaming system, Blu-ray player or satellite box. Sony makes multiple connections with three HDMI ports which works well with most home theaters.

Find the best Sony LED TV price in Malaysia

High-end LED TVs don't come cheap but you can get a very good price for Sony LED TVs if you shop around. You can find the best prices online in Malaysia by comparing prices on PricePanda. As you compare prices, you can buy online and wait for the delivery to bring it to your home. PricePanda maintains an updated list of prices of LED TVs from Sony as well those from other brands such as Samsung. You can also use the website to get the latest information and reviews of Sony LED TVs of various prices including a 60-inch, 40-inch or 32-inch.