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Gear Up for Your Fishing Expedition

If you love fishing, and want to easily shop for your gear online, look no further than at PricePanda. We ensure that fishing enthusiasts and even fishing beginners get the right fishing gear with great savings. 

Fishing waders, boots, and wetsuits

To get started, you need to wear an outfit that is fun to catch fish with but, at the same time, keeps you warm and dry during your fishing treks. At PricePanda, we offer a wide selection of fishing waders, boots, as well as wetsuits made made of spandex, lycra, neoprene fabric, designed to insulate your body temperature against the cold waters.

Fishing rods

A fishing rod is the most basic equipment for catching fish. There are many types of fishing rods, each with a unique functionality and specification. The classic fly rod provides more flexibility compared to other kinds of fishing rods. This type, however, requires more balancing. This fishing rod is perfect for beginners who are trying to learn basic fishing techniques. On the other hand, whether you are backpacking or travelling to some far fishing destination, a fishing rod with a telescopic design can easily be folded down neatly into a compact and portable size. This type of fishing rod is perfect for those who join a lot of fishing tournaments. Besides these, we also provide an extensive collection of tenkara rods, spinning rods, baitcasting rods, and many more from top brands like Shimano, Berkley, and Shakespeare.

Fish lures, baits, and hooks

Reel in different species of fish more efficiently with different fishing baits and lures. Knowing the type of food certain types of fish eat can be a great help in catching them. The size of the fish hooks that you are going to use would also depend on how big the fish you are after can grow. A bigger fish requires a bigger hook.

Fish Finders/Detectors

Technology never ceases to make things easier. Fishing gadgets like fish detectors provide an instant and hassle-free way of locating fish. Most fish detectors operate by means of a wireless sonar sensor, together with a portable monitor. The sonar device emits sound pulses underwater and then transmits the feed to the monitor. Indicators on the screen will then alert you to the presence of fish. With fish detectors, you can bypass the need of changing places from time to time and you get to start at places where the fish are.

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From boating and fishing, to surfing and everything in between, PricePanda compares prices from trusted online stores and guides you to the equipment you need for the best budget deals. Be sure to check out PricePanda’s lists on other sporting goods you might need like fishing reels, kayaking equipment, gloves, swivels, fishing line, backpacks and so on. Bookmark PricePanda and be sure to visit us regularly.