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Innovative and energy saving Toshiba LED TV

Toshiba leads an innovative set of TV models which are both practical and luxurious. A famous Japanese brand, Toshiba outsources products worldwide and is a favourite among Asian countries. Their latest technology includes user optimization in their TV products. The Toshiba TV brand is among the most affordable luxury home entertainments in the world.

Various TV models by Toshiba

With a mission to help achieve a cleaner environment, Toshiba products are made eco-friendly. Models are regularly upgraded based on consumer suggestions to in order to achieve the most user-friendly TV entertainment system. Their innovative approach brought Toshiba’s Power TV series into the market. They are the world’s first LED TVs that come with and are powered by batteries. The Power TV series set, while running on rechargeable batteries, can used for viewing for two hours. The set comes in two sizes: 24 inches and 32 inches.

Latest Toshiba LED TV models are equipped with light sensors which automatically adjust the screen for ideal brightness. The LED TVs conserve more power through the light sensor feature. Some models also come with a built-in fan technology to reduce heat. This year’s TV models will come with the latest multiprocessor CEVO Engine. Sizes are increasing between 55 to 64 inches but their biggest TV yet is L9300 series’ 84 inch LCD TV. Older Toshiba models as well as new ones have VESA mounting interfaces compatibility. This year’s TVs are released with HDMI ports and full HD capability. They are equipped with the best resolution in 4K technology.

Toshiba LED TV price at PricePanda

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