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Presenting a young company from China, the best-loved and newest products from the Xiaomi brand can be found here on its own individualised page. Founded in 2010, it designs, develops, and produces smartphones, mobile apps, and consumer electronics. Focusing on launches in China and the rest of Asia, Xiaomi is currently the world’s most valuable tech startup after getting US$1.1bn in funding in December 2014.


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Few companies can pride themselves of such an exponential growth in recent years as the one experienced by Xiaomi. Founded in Beijing in 2011, the Chinese manufacturer became one of the most successful smartphone and personal electronics producer in mainland China. The brand is built up upon a simple, yet effective philosophy: take care of little things before striving for perfection. That’s how the company was eventually able to increase its presence and influence over national borders, penetrating the neighbor markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and India, starting step by step and now craving for more. Its strategy of imposing itself as a cheap competitor of Apple and Samsung, among others, proved to be the right one, with consensus and expectation from the public that continue mounting up at every new announcement and release.


Discover the Mi Smartphone Series


In just few years of activity, this manufacturer was able to put together quite an extended portfolio of electronic devices, including tablets, phone accessories and of course smartphones. The Redmi series presented a line of affordable Android smartphones with a set of specs and features that could easily challenge successful releases from more established and renowned global brands. 8 core processors, HD displays, Dual SIM support and an attractive choice of colors draw the attention more and more towards its continuous endeavors. Nevertheless, it was just with the launch of the Mi series that it started be considered as a valid player in the market. With a quality in design and manufacturing at top level in its segment, it was just a matter of time before it became a real hit in its country of origin as well as overseas. Today, all the focus is on what this company will be able to do next, and whether or not its next steps will actually represent a serious hurdle for its Japanese, Korean and US counterparts.


Redefining Low-Cost Quality


The secret behind the low price level of the Beijing company’s products is simple. Unlike other flagship brands, which count greatly on sales margin for their revenue, the price of these handsets barely covers material and labor costs. The final list price is minimized, while the quality of raw materials and chipsets is as high as the ones used in the most expensive devices. Moreover, Xiaomi’s business model doesn’t include the implantation of physical stores in any of the country where it’s present. On the contrary, the manufacturer bases all its revenue on online sales, for a great economic advantage for both the seller and the buyer. Thus, don’t be biased by the low cost, the quality is still as high as it is supposed to be.


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