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Xiaomi: Achieving More


This Asian manufacturer is a real innovator. As Apple has gave us an iPhone from the West, Xiaomi has been providing Mi smartphones and tablets which, to be honest, are as good both inside and outside as the gadgets from the famous American company. Being founded only in 2010 by the entrepreneur Lei Jun and grabbed the best minds from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other tech companies, the Chinese manufacturer has not only got a great potential but made it productive.

As a result, despite the short history, the company has created a remarkable brand which is strongly associated with stunning quality and smart design. Believing that “something wonderful is about to happen”, the manufacturer has been spreading this idea around the world and proved that these are not only words making every single product launch a real event and surprise.


Xiaomi Smartphones: A Dragon in Your Pocket


The company can for sure be considered as an Asian dragon, while its products are as competitive as you would never expect. And the crucial point here is not only the filling, but the design which you start enjoy from the ergonomic and minimalistic shapes to simplicity and intuitiveness of MIUI. From fully customizable fonts and truly rich collection of wallpapers to Mi Could, antivirus and blocklist for calls and messages - everything made in such an elegant minimalistic style that owners of these devices sometimes spend minutes for looking at the gadget. Regarding experior, Mi and Redmi series are both embodies the clear shapes and lack of rounded edges. Promoting thickness and flatness irrespectively the material (some of the devices are made of metal), they are extremely ergonomic and perfectly held in one hand. At last, a really impressive variety of colors is another characteristic of Mis and Redmis. From classics black and silver to pistachio and pale pink - there is plenty variants to choose from.

As for the specifications, all the Xiaomi products can be definitely called high-end. The hearts of the smartphones are Snapdragon or MediaTek processors which have already been the leaders in the market and proved their superior abilities by providing smooth performance, optimizing battery usage and exceptional opportunities of cameras. Moreover, looking at the particular model from this Chinese brand, you may find Hi-Fi audio system with Dirac sound technologies which are used in BMW, Bentley, and Rolls Royce cars; highly capacitive batteries up to 3200mAh which is able to provide two days of active usage with ease; or dual-LED flash and fantastic combination of front and rear cameras making it possible to impress friends by super-selfies and great panoramas. It's also worth to notice that screens are always top-quality since Gorilla glass protects them from scratches, IPS technology is responsible for wide viewing angle, and a backlit display allows richer colors making images almost real.

Thanks to MIUI, we know now how beautiful and pleasing eyes can be an Android operating system. Every icon is simple and speaks for itself making the OS truly intuitive and easy to understand. Among the most strong points of MIUI are notifications that are fully customized and smart. For example, you can access them from any screen including the locked but will never be interrupted by any message while playing game because they will be automatically switched over for the time of a play. Over 5000 wonderful themes, clever organization of music, video and pictures coupled with some exceptional applications from Xiaomi like Mi Life are ready to provide a plenty of positive experience with accent on both usability and beauty.


Asian Manufacturers Run the World


That's not a secret that lately new Asian manufacturers have been attracting more and more attention to their releases. Great Huawei smartphones based on their own chipsets, the fastest in the world by the way, and the Xiaomi Mi series are, probably, the most famous examples when new players on the market can fully compete with the world known producers. For example, fans of Samsung smartphones have serious challenges, because the competitors design looks more interesting and price - definitely more affordable. Nevertheless, all these offers play on the user’s side giving an incredibly wide range of devices to choose from.


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